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      1.Supporting springs for automobiles, motorcycles, diesel engines and gasoline engines. It includes valve springs, suspension springs, shock absorbing springs, and clutch springs. These springs are used in large quantities, accounting for about 50% of the spring production. And, the technical level is also very high. The technical level of these springs is representative. Their main features are high fatigue life and high resistance to slack.

      2.Large springs and leaf springs are used for railway rolling stock, trucks and construction machinery. These springs are mainly formed by hot coil and it's an important aspect of spring manufacturing. With the development of high-speed railways and the upgrading of vehicle damping systems, the thermoforming vehicle suspension spring technology has been greatly improved. These springs have high strength and high precision.

      3.Electronic and electrical springs are used for instrumentation, such as motor brush springs, switch springs, cameras and camera springs, as well as computer accessories springs, instrumentation accessories springs, etc. Among them, the leaf spring and the special-shaped spring account for a large proportion, and the different materials have different materials and technical requirements.

      4.Metal springs for daily machinery and electrical appliances, such as mattresses, sofas, door hinges, toys, lighters, etc., which require a large amount of springs.

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